Disney's New York World's Fair Box Set

At the 1964/65 New York World’s Fair, Walt Disney and his team of technicians debuted several new attractions, each with a corporate sponsor: Ford’s Magic Skyway, General Electric’s Progressland, Pepsi’s It’s A Small World, and the State of Illinois’ Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

I’ve posted a four-disc, 46-song collection of unreleased and rare audio from all four attractions, including outtakes and demos from the original recording sessions. The entire box set can be downloaded via BitTorrent from my new tracker.

Update – March 10, 2009: Disney’s going to be rereleasing this classic as a box set, so I’ve taken this download offline. Go buy it on Amazon!

According to one Disney fansite, the album was partially developed by Disney but never released because of conflicts with the outsourced record label. (Personally, I found it in alt.binaries.multimedia.disney on Usenet.) If anyone has more information about this collection, I’d love to hear it.

The complete track list is below.

Ford Magic Skyway

01. The World of Tomorrow

02. The Magic Skyway Narrated by Walt Disney

03. International Gardens unidentified score

04. International Gardens unidentified score

05. International Gardens Serengheti Serenade

06. International Gardens unidentified score

07. International Gardens Monorail Song

08. International Gardens unidentified score

09. International Gardens unidentified score

10. International Gardens unidentified score

11. International Gardens unidentified score

12. Auto Parts Harmonic

13. Walt Disney Sessions

14. “Get the Feel of the Wheel”

General Electric Progressland

01. There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow Progressland Spectacular

02. Welcome

03. Walt and the Sherman Brothers

04. Carousel of Progress Early Script Reading

05. Carousel of Progress Alternate Universe Version

06. The Skydome Spectacular

07. Toucan and Parrot The Electronic Utility Show

08. Music to Buy Toasters By

09. Mirror Maze

10. Carousel of Music Kaleidophonic Opening

11. Carousel of Music 1890s

12. Carousel of Music Dixieland Gramophone

13. Carousel of Music 1920s

14. Carousel of Music 1940s

15. Carousel of Music Radio and Record Player

16. Horizons EPCOT

It’s A Small World

01. It’s a Small World

02. The Very First Demo Recording

03. Welcome

04. Isolated Vocal Tracks

05. The Ultimate Mega Mix

06. It’s Still a Small World Exit Music

07. Disneyland Paris Part I

08. Disneyland Paris Part II

09. Chorus

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

01. Walt Disney Introduction

02. Pre Show The Illinois Story

03. Main Show Great Moments with Mr Lincoln

04. Pre Show The Underscore

05. Main Show Underscore

06. Dialog Recording Sessions

07. Chorus The Battle Hymn of the Republic

March 10, 2009: Disney’s going to be rereleasing this classic as a box set, so I’ve taken this download offline. Go buy it on Amazon!


    Wow, do I feel old. Took a bus with my brother from CT to NY to the 1964 World’s Fair – I was 8. Remember being in awe of the attractions- a picture phone; IBM’s huge theatre- I think it was called an Info Machine that showcased computers (as a kid, it seemed like something out of Star Trek); an underworld city; and Michaelangelo’s Pieta, sitting on a lighted stage. Pretty amazing stuff for it’s time.

    WOW – thanks a lot. I always loved Disney’s scores and this rare stuff will get a special place in my collection.

    Any way to get some more infos – especially about the involved composers?

    pls let us know when your tracker is back up. right now there are no known sources.

    The tracks appear to be all mixed up. Every track is composed of small clips from every other track on the album. It’s almost like bittorrent didn’t reassemble the pieces correctly!

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    I was 9 yrs old then. Went to the WF many times during ’64 & ’65 (including some pre-season dates courtesy of GAF). Remember almost every one of those tracks. Everything seemed so “up” back then.

    I have the same problem, using the PC version of BitTorrent. Lots of scrambled MP3s. Rats.

    About the BT-Problem. Sounds like you donยดt have the complete file downloaded already. Because of this BT just fills the gaps in the files with temporary stuff taken from anywhere from the file.

    Just start your client again and keep on downloading. And please let it open until youยดve seeded at least 2 times the ammount of data you downloaded – this way others also will be able to get these wonderful files. ๐Ÿ™‚

    still no known sources. does someone else want to seed these files that was able to download it? if so post your torrent link here.

    Okay, I was patient and once the download was complete they _do_ all sound fine (with no more mixing of the MP3s). Yes, this is the first time I’ve used BitTorrent.

    I’ll see if I can figure out this whole “seeding” thing to allow other folks to grab ahold of these very cool files (strange that BitTorrent wasn’t mentioned in the Carousel of Progress!).

    Saki: As you can see on the tracker page, there are over 20 active seeds/sources. I’d recommend using a different BitTorrent client, or perhaps your firewall is blocking all access? E-mail me if you still can’t figure it out.

    can anyone make an alternate way to download this stuff? i keep getting an error message of some kind. zip maybe? i guess anything would work fine. if that is not viable, does anyone know how i can eliminate the problem i’m having?

    What’s the error message? I can’t host a 300MB file on my website because of the bandwidth bill. The BitTorrent technology makes this sort of file distribution possible.

    kyle – just be patient and let the file run in the background overnight. Sometimes it takes some time to connect to the seeds and sometimes theres no free slot at any seed and you get into a waitingline. Killing the programm then will obviously push you to the back end again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    kyle – just be patient and let the file run in the background overnight. Sometimes it takes some time to connect to the seeds and sometimes theres no free slot at any seed and you get into a waitingline. Killing the programm then will obviously push you to the back end again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    will it still download though, even with the error? does it take some time before the download begins?

    if for some reason this client does not work either on this crap pc, is there anyone willing to put the files on a cd for me? i could send you a couple bucks. i’d really like to have this stuff. i intend to sample it and create, well who knows what. thanks.

    This is awesome for Disney collectors, thank you!

    Can I recommend another website for everyone while the subject is up? http://www.soundofmagic.com has a great collection of “park” music, including the background on all of it. Excellent site for semi-rare stuff.

    Thanks Cassandra. What a great link – exactly what I was looking for since ages. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes, you were right. I just needed to wait until the download was finished, and then the mp3s played fine. Very sorry. I’m a bit new to bittorrent myself.


    Oh DAMN! The MOTHERLODE! I love vintage Disneyland soundtracks and a lot of these I’ve never heard before. Thanks so much for posting these!

    BRAVO! Finally someone found the old stuff from the fair…and thensome!!

    I can’t seem to get the it to down load for me. If some one has been able to get it work, and wouldn’t mind coping it to a CD-R from me,that would be great. Please contact me and I will mail you a CD-R and a SASE to mail it back to me.

    For anyone having trouble with the standard bitTorrent client, check out Shareaza! Once installed, whenever you download a .torrent file, it takes care of the rest – very simple user interface.

    http://www.shareaza.com/ side bonus: supports Gnutella 1&2, and eDonkey p2p networks

    Thanks so much for finding this compilation and hosting a torrent!

    Wow I just downloaded the entire file in under 45 mins with an average DL speed of around 145kb/s… I have to say that is the fastest I’ve ever downloaded a file this large. Thank you very much to whoever the ONE seed was who hooked me up! And thanks to Andy for setting up the tracker.

    BTW I use Azureus and it really seems to kick Shareaza’s a$$ for Bittorrent downloading (I’ve used dozens of other programs, including Shareaza for a long time)

    Thanks for the great memories! I still remember the drives from Wantagh to Astoria every weekend to visit my Grandmother, and seeing the fair rise up out of nothing. The one thing I remember the best from the expressway was the giant tire (was it Uniroyal?) Ferris Wheel.

    Inside the grounds aside from the vartious pavillions, I best remember the amphibious car, and the guy with the rocket pack on his back. Now THAT blew me away!

    I kissed my first girl 3 years later at the ‘Hall of Science.’



    Will someone Pleeease re-seed the World’s Fair audio files so I can download them? Really want to listen to them.



    Thanks ever so much to the 3-4 seeders that made sure I got this. I realize it was initially posted 29 Mar 04 and I sure do appreciate y’all seeding this.

    I started out running a Google on [“Bit Torrent”, tracker] and ended up seeing WAXY.ORG/BT . Huh? What’s this? And then finding a gem like this.

    Andy, again, thanks for Waxy.org and for this torrent.

    i was told that the 64 worlds fair box was never released due to licensing problems with the FORD motor company . (I could be wrong , but this is what i was told) the set is complete and correctly tracked at my site … http://www.1313southharborblvd.com also a few other issues with the attraction itself . hence the people mover , portions of the magic skyway (The Diarama from the disneyland railroad) were brought to the park . ill try to dig into this issue a bit if you’d like .


    I can’t believe there are seeders out there still for this after all this time. Thank you so much.

    Just a heads-up…

    This is finally being officially released by Disney with an additional 5th disc later this month.


    You might want to stop seeding, just to be safe. Although if Disney’s lawyers haven’t sent a nastygram by now you’re probably fine!

    Would a model of progressland still in the disney wood crate be interesing to anyone?

    You can hear many of these tracks — and current music, sound effects, and area music — from Disneyland/World attractions at subsonicradio.com.

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