Internet Jackass Day 2004

Like last year, I’ll be keeping a running list of my favorite examples of the web’s April Fools Day (aka “Internet Jackass Day”) silliness. (There’s another much more thorough list being updated constantly.) Wired has a roundup of the bigger pranks, with a confirmation by Google that Gmail isn’t a hoax. Gizmodo added a gadget-oriented list.


    The Motley Fool has gotten in on the skylarking, with some headlines like “Buffett Buys Krispy Kreme,” “The Motley Fool X-Treme Visa,” and the bit about their compliance with the FCC is actually a bit chuckle-tastic…

    i like these kinds of jokes- as long as they’re clever, that is. i also think it was brilliant of google to make gmail “public” on april fool’s day. nothing gets people talking online more than “is it real? or are they being jackasses?” dilemmas. it’s so smart, really- no way they did it on accident.

    Wow, those green screen shots of the Apple IIc really bring back some memories. I had a IIe myself, but my friend had a IIc. Mostly I played games back then – the one that really stands out in my memory is Sammy Lightfoot, a super early side-scroller where you played as this little guy bouncing around on trampolines and elevators.

    I’ve heard about some of these jokes but I found much more of them here. All of us in the office were laughing our heads off for a while…

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