Dave Winer Remix Contest Winners

After serious deliberation with a secret cabal of expert judges, we’ve reached a consensus. And now, the winners of the Dave Winer Remix Contest!

Grand Prize: Ralph Brandi, “Smoking Weblogs”. Catchy beat, good musicianship, great samples. The “D-W-I-N-E-R” chorus is brilliant, and I can’t get it out of my head. Plus, cowbell!

2nd Place: Scott Mulligan’s “Goofin’ On Dave Winer”. Musically, the best of the bunch. The instrumental breakdown might be a bit too long, though.

3rd Place: Matt Canale’s “This Is Not A Morning Coffee Note”. The only one to use Dave’s voice as percussion. I was wrong; Exsend’s “Hi, It’s Dave Here” used exclusively Winer samples for all percussion. Therefore, a tie!

So, that’s it. Thanks for playing! I’ll contact the winners about your prizes, the increasingly-worthless currency of the web.


    Comment from crushed contestant: 3rd placed Matt Canales contribution gets special mention for using His Masters Voice as percussion. My contibution used waveforms that were 100% Winer. No additives used (except filters and samplers and compressors and and and…)

    Andy, not to be rude, the mp3 thing is great and everything, but can you post some more pictures of Eliot? He’s soooooooooo cute.

    Great stuff. I notice Dave hasn’t put up any further audio posts since this contest. One thing I would like to have heard more of in the remixes: “Rogers Cadenhead.” Such a sonorous name, good rhythm. It would have been a nice little chorus somewhere.

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