Dave Winer Remix Contest

Yesterday, Dave Winer shut down the free Weblogs.com, inciting the wrath of his many critics and attracting media attention from Wired, News.com, eWeek, and Slashdot. Dave redirected every one of the 3,000+ Weblogs.com sites to this entry, with a 9-minute MP3 explaining his motives. (Full transcript.)

Brian Dear remixed the audio into a catchy number that I call “People Just Love to Jump Up and Down” [.MP3, 1.95 MB]. It’s good, but I know you people can do much better.

So consider this a call for entries… Remix Dave’s speech and e-mail/IM me a link to your MP3 (or Dropload the entire file), and I’ll gladly host it for you. Three Gmail invites to the winner, and one each for the two runner-ups. Have fun!


Dan Dickinson – I’m Sorry (Dave Winer Remix).mp3 (7.6 MB)

Matt Canale – This Is Not A Morning Coffee Note (rcade Deep House Mix).mp3 (5.7 MB)

Ralph Brandi – Smoking Weblogs.mp3 (5.3 MB)

Phil Ulrich – Audio Thing.mp3 (5.7 MB)

Scott Mulligan – Goofin’ On Dave Winer.mp3 (3.6 MB)

Exsend – Hi It’s Dave Here.mp3 (1.9 MB)

June 17, 2004: Greetings, Scripting.com readers!

June 18, 2004: Feel free to use Dave’s second audioblog posting [.MP3, 4.3MB], now dubbing the shutdown as a temporary outage, into your remixes. Here’s a transcript.

June 22, 2004: The winners!


    Way to go Andy. I knew you’d know what to do. I figure someone ought to get clever and do a Jay-Z / Dave duet!

    I deliberately kept the original remix hokey and missing bass and other accompaniment, nor did I even sync up the phrasing with the beat. My hope was just to catalyze others to get out their audio tools and start mixin! 🙂

    I’m sorry but that was hysterical. I’m thinking of a Pointer Sisters’ song “Jump (for your blog)” mixed with DW, but it may be beyond my skillz. Perhaps an idea for someone else.

    This is just damn funny. Damn funny. Thank you. The only thing missing is the Monkey Boy (balmer) video. He jumps up and down you know. Of course people just love to jump up and down.

    First, I think that much of the current round of Dave Winer criticism is, in my view, unfair. (As someone who shut down a free publishing site, I am sympathetic to Dave here.)

    That being said, “People Just Love to Jump Up and Down” is hilarious, and I can only hope other contest entries will be even funnier.

    i think “people just love to jump up and down” could become the ultimate sample for dance tracks in this decade, really.

    we’re talking about the real deal here, it’s got a “shake your money maker” potential, plus a “put your hands in the air like you just don’t care” ring to it!

    it’s so good it might actually be overused and become dull pretty fast, which is kind of sad.

    think about it when you’re working on your remix thing, people. you’re cutting edge!

    hey dan, that’s great… Glad you repeated the “essay” bit, which to me is the most outrageous part of the whole speech.

    You couldn’t insert Hal’s “I’m sorry, Dave…” from 2001…?

    first, I think that much of the current round of Dave Winer criticism is, in my view, entrirely fair. otoh, I have to give the guy credit for pointing to this page. the mp3s are far out; much funnier than Dave’s orginal version. my flagging faith in the essential and wonderful weirdness of webheads everywhere. so thanks, I really needed this.

    uh… I seem to have left some syntactically necessary words out of that last comment. if you want to know what they were, send $5…

    Please, for the love of all that is human, someone do something with the “glass balls” “rubber balls” bit from his latest audio post. It’s toward the end, in case you can’t listen to the whole thing. 😉

    Any sympathy I might have developed is drowned out by the endless stream of ego Winer continues to spew forth. Tthe idea that people can’t / won’t glean subtle ideas from an essay format is hysterical. The only way I’d ever sit through more than a sentence of the speech is with the accompaniment of these righteousfunky beatz. Rock on, people.

    I just dropped “Goofin’ On Dave Winer” onto DropLoad.Com a few minutes ago. I expect it may be tomorrow before Andy can grab it and mirror it. It was a kick spinning it out with GarageBand. As it turns out… Dave loves to jump up and down… but he doesn’t really *smoke* cigarettes. 😉


    It would have upset me if my material had been destroyed too. Had this happen on sep 11 when I posted a spoof (a la onion) on a humor site of UN Delegates running screaming from NY. The story had been created on the site. It existed nowhere else. It ceased to exist when the owner deleted it.

    From what I’ve learned listening to the songs on this page I feel:

    a) Dwiner should have warned the bloggers, but

    b) he freaked at technical complications, should have asked for help and probably could still use it, and

    c) that the info probably still exists on his server/s.

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