New Harry Potter Film Pirated Online

As predicted, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was camcorded and leaked online today, moments after the Friday matinees ended on the East coast. The NFO file released by UTi indicates that this may be their last release because of “not so recent but still evident events.” (Arrests? Increased security?)

The sample image distributed with the movie pokes fun at Warner Brothers’ attempt to thwart piracy by issuing military-style night-vision goggles to theater ushers. I guess it didn’t work very well.

June 5, 2004: Here’s a 50 second sample (MPG, 8.1 MB) of the bootleg video. As you can see, the video and audio aren’t very good, and the aspect ratio is bad.


    Obviously you can’t give a 13 year old cinema jerk advanced military equipment and expect results. If we weren’t so damn busy with the war in Iraq this kind of copyright terrorism could have been avoided.

    Greg you dont know anything about piracy.

    Ive seen the release, and I can tell you folks that the aspect ratio is easy to fix, and on a TV the picture is highly watchable.

    I enjoyed the movie, and Im gonna download the next releases of it, for free. That includes the DVD, which will be downloadable about 1 month before store date.

    Its fun to be a hater.

    and actualy what i forgot to say, by making a webpage of a news type nature talking about a release and the NAME OF THE GROUP THAT RELEASED IT, all you do is bring it more into light of people to search for it, hope you guys are for the cause, haha.

    update ur crap.. tc came out bad ass quality.. i dont wanna pay 10 times to get to understand the tick accent

    if the dvd’s wernt so bloody expensive in the first place maybe it would cut down on piracy after all what does it cost to put a film onto disk less than $2 i myself would pay $10 per dvd but $40 is a bit expensive dont ya think

    harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban tc dvdr replica part1 tar

    harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban tc dvdr replica part2 tar

    harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban tc dvdr replica part3 tar

    the full dvd is on the net already as its all over the place and been downloaded 23,000 in 1 day says that the sales will go down before the shops even get it 100% perfect dvd quality there is the dvd version of the movie on that site i didnt think it was real but i downloaded it and it works. it is the actually files to the dvd so people can burn dvds its 4.5 gigs but it works i got it in 17 hours

    jason which bit torrent link did you download to get your verison of the dvd quality hp3? Harry.Potter.And.The.Prisoner.Of.Azkaban.TC.DVDR-Replica is that the right one?

    The Replica release is a PAL DVD-R. Don’t plan on burning it and being able to play it in your average DVD player, because it ain’t gonna happen.

    In latin america you can get the bootleg copy, sometimes good quality for $5 bucks.

    heh, no posts for over a year

    i guess everyone can download it in dvd quality… no ones whinging

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