Ronald Reagan's Body

Reagan’s body is being prepared for burial at Gates, Kingley & Gates Funeral Home, about five blocks away from our house and less than a block from our hospital, where we’ll be delivering our baby in the next week or so.

When we walked by the area earlier today, four full blocks of Arizona were closed down, with news crews swarming the area since 2pm today. I’ve never heard so many helicopters.

June 13, 2004: An anonymous comment in this entry inspired the launch of the new Republican 2004 presidential ticket: Vote Bush/Zombie-Reagan.


    i know this is a rather rude thing (and kind of played out) but, doesnt this open us up for a Bush Zombie-Reagan ticket?

    in that vein, i really think you ought to name the kid Gipper Andrew Baio.

    “i know this is a rather rude thing (and kind of played out) but, doesnt this open us up for a Bush Zombie-Reagan ticket?”

    This is probably worse but…wasn’t that the winning slate in the 1984 election?

    Quote – “Reagan’s body is being prepared for burial at Gates, Kingley & Gates Funeral Home”

    But isnt Reagan being buried in Washington?

    i don’t believe reagan’s body is in the casket in a very warm climate. unless there is an air conditioner inside casket. it would not hold up in such warm weather. the people are being deceived into thinking his body is actually in the casket.

    I wasn’t around when he was in office, but I do know one thing; When someone’s gone from this earth, let them Rest In Peace. Those rude comments are just unnecessary!

    Well! RONALD WILSON REAGAN was one of the greatest president’s and commander of chiefs the United States of America ever had.

    Lets not forget when he took office back in the 80’s the chaotic disposition the USA

    And the world was in – American hostages held in Iran; America was in a recession, and the USSR along with terrorism was one of the biggest treats to global security and the United States of America in that era. To his credit The USSR was dismantled, the Berlin wall came down, the nuclear arms race between the soviets and the USA was dramatically reduced, the hostages freed, and madman Momar Kadafi and his thugs went under the sand dunes where they belonged. “Not bad- Not bad at all ”

    So he has made his mark in History as a defender of freedom and peace but most of all one of the greatest leader’s of our times. RIP COMMANDER REAGAN.

    You can’t credit Regan with the dismantling of the USSR and the fall of the Berlin wall, merely because he was President at the time of the Soviet collapse. The Soviet Union collapsed because of poor leadership and failed reforms. The Berlin wall came down because the people wanted it to come down. In fact, if you want to credit the downfall of the Soviet Union to his name, you can also credit every single conflict and political/social/religious dispute in Eastern Europe to him, considering there were few problems in the time of the Soviets. (Yes, there is a head strong communist reading this site)

    zombie reagan website, wow.

    and all i had to do was type a (probibly even fragmented) sentance, and i get a website made out of it.

    how awesome is that, and no work on my part! i am SO for no work on my part.

    now… where do i post to get a cartoon show made 😉

    As unfair as it is to hijack someone’s comments when they’re in the hospital (congrats, btw!):

    Reagan armed, supported and encouraged Saddam Hussein.

    He greenlighted the invasion of Lebanon, then cut and ran in the face of a terrorist attack that killed hundreds of US Marines.

    He armed and supported Islamic militants in Afghanistan, including Osama Bin Laden and others who graduated to form the Taliban.

    And as for freeing the hostages in Iran, his campaign cut a deal with the Ayatollahs to keep them in captivity until he was elected. Never mind that he later secretly sold them heavy-duty weapons and used the proceeds to finance rightwing death squads.

    Let’s see how that all plays on his highlight reel when he faces that Great Audition In The Sky.

    His brain died at least twenty years ago. (We all know people who have said in effect “My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with the facts.”) Then at some point the Alzheimers kicked in. Last week his body caught up with his brain.

    Reagan chose his extraordinary life. As a public figure he is fair game. His wife also chose the life they led. (His kids are not fair game.) Ronnie’s detractors should not shrink from their responsibility even as some mourn the death of their Dear Leader.

    Show your reverence all you want, you idiots, but don’t dismiss the factual comments. Just because the old man kicked the bucket does not negate his mistakes.

    Do a critical review of the comments posted here. You will see that the detractors list specific actions Ronnie took that had bad results. Certainly there were benign and even helpful actions that he also took, but no one gets an award for NOT driving drunk, do they?

    On the other hand, you will see the that the Ronnie Love-In attendees cite _effects_ that have countless causes. They cannot prove cause and effect of Ronnie’s actions and later occurrences. Ronnie, like Clinton to a large degree, may have simply been in the right place at the right time on those issues.

    Just because a majority of the people chose Ronnie does not mean he deserves any respect whatsoever. If the majority of people are idiots, why would their leader be any good? It does not take a smart guy to convince an idiot which way to vote, although some smart guys can do it.

    By the way, I voted for Ronnie in 1984 so I share the blame. Unlike some other folks, though, I realized my mistake and I have changed my strategy. Now I try to think for myself and make decisions based on past experience, rather than on rhetoric or whether it feels good to be in the majority.

    Reagan’s kids are fair game too. They are just as show-biz as papa. One of the few Playboys I bought in my life I got just to be able to say, “I HAVE NUDE PIX OF RONALD REAGAN’S DAUGHTER!”

    Reagan was one of the best president’s we have ever had. I think we should all be thankful that he helped our country when we were in need. Was anyone else out there going to volunteer to do his job?? Leave him alone. Only a fool would say such rude comments about him, perhaps you weren’t taught manners that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then keep you’re mouth shut! Rest in peace Mr. Reagan, You will be deeply missed.

    Michelle MamaBaby I agree with you. Thank you for speaking your mind. He was a damn good man and we should all honor him as much as you do.

    I always laugh when I get two similar comments from different nicknames within minutes of each other, and they’re both from the same IP address. You’re not fooling anyone, buddy.

    Just to let you know, it is very rude to be erasing comments that are being posted. You must be a very dominating person. Everything must be done and said just the way YOU like it, right???

    Glad I’m not married to you.

    It’s rude to anonymously leave abusive comments on a weblog, and to pretend that you’re multiple people. It’s cowardly.

    Was Reagan buried underground covered by cement in his original burial plot? Or is he buried by the Berlin Wall at the library? I’m hearing different stories. Which place should we leave flowers for him? Help me with this one Andy. Thank You.

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