Olympics 2004 on Usenet

As predicted, many of the Athens 2004 Olympics events are being digitized and uploaded to the Internet. The quality is good, often ripped from HDTV and international sources. (Many of the clips are from Brazilian television, with commentary in Portuguese. Those darn Brazilians again!)

To judge the video quality, here’s a sample clip of yesterday’s controversial judging of Russia’s Alexei Nemov, in which the audience’s vocal protests shut down the Men’s Gymnastics High Bar Finals for a full ten minutes.

Video: Alexei Nemov – Male Gymnastics High Bar Finals (Sample) (.MPG, 25MB)

Like Yahoo’s Most Popular, there’s an emphasis on women’s beach volleyball and women’s gymnastics. But many other events are represented, as well. Below is a list of every event posted to the alt.binaries.olympics Usenet newsgroup since the Olympics started on August 13.

2004 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Artistic Gymnastics Women, All Round Finals

Artistic Gymnastics Women, Team Finals

Basketball Men’s, 15th August 2004, USA vs. Puerto Rico

Basketball Women’s BRAZIL vs NIGERIA, Aug 20th

Basketball Women’s, Aug 16th – BRA vs. GREECE

Basketball Women’s, BRAZIL vs AUSTRALIA, Aug. 22nd

Basketball Women’s, Brazil vs Japan, Aug 14th

Basketball Women’s, BRAZIL vs. RUSSIA, Aug 18th

Beach Volleyball Men’s, BRA vs USA, Aug 19th

Beach Volleyball Men’s, BRA vs. CUB, Aug 17th

Beach Volleyball Men’s, BRAZIL vs SWITZERLAND, Aug. 22nd

Beach Volleyball Men’s, Semis – BRAZIL vs SWITZERLAND, Aug 23rd

Beach Volleyball Men’s, USA vs. Australia

Beach Volleyball Women’s, Australia Vs Bulgaria – Highlights

Beach Volleyball Women’s, BRA vs BRA, Aug. 22nd

Beach Volleyball Women’s, BRA vs. ITA, Aug 17th

Beach Volleyball Women’s, BRAZIL vs AUSTRALIA, Aug. 23rd

Beach Volleyball Women’s, BRAZIL vs. CUBA, Aug 19th

Beach Volleyball Women’s, BRAZIL vs. GERMANY, Aug 19th

Football Women’s, BRA vs. GRE, Aug 17th

Football Women’s, BRAZIL vs MEXICO, Aug 20th

Gymnastics Women’s, Apparatus Finals – BALANCE BEAM, Aug 23rd

Gymnastics Women’s, Apparatus Finals – FLOOR, Aug 23rd

Gymnastics Women’s, Individual All-around Finals

High Bar Finals Men’s, Aug 23rd

Rowing Men’s, Eight Prelims

Rowing Women’s, Eight Prelims

Swimming Men’s, 200 Meter Freestyle Prelims

Swimming Women’s, 100 Meter Backstroke Prelims

Swimming, Aug 20th

10m Platform Women’s Semis, Aug 21st

Tennis Doubles Men’s, Finals. First EVER Gold Medal for Chile, Aug. 21st

Trampoline Men’s Semis, Aug 21st

Volleyball Men’s, BRA vs. ITA, Just Tie-breaker set, Aug 17th

Volleyball Men’s, BRAZIL vs RUSSIA, Aug 21st

Volleyball Men’s, BRAZIL vs. NETHERLANDS, Aug 19th

Volleyball Men’s, USA vs. Italy

Volleyball Women’s, BRAZIL vs GREECE, Aug 20th

Volleyball Women’s, BRAZIL vs KOREA, Aug. 22nd

Volleyball Women’s, BRAZIL vs. ITALY, Aug 18th


    I tried searching on alt.binaries.olympics for indoors volleyball, but I couldn’t find anything… Any help? I’ve been searching for those everywhere…

    Any torrents on gymnastics out there? Suprnova.org has one of Paul Hamm, one on the Female indiv all around finals but no men at all. This saddens me.

    Looks like I’m almost two years too late for the files =) If anybody knows of ANY PLACE where I can get my hands on the entire opening ceremony during the Athens games, please do share that info with me. I’ve been dieing to see the Cube Man again ever since the Torino games came on.

    I tried searching on alt.binaries.olympics for indoors volleyball, but I couldn’t find anything… Any help? I’ve been searching for those everywhere…

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