Alt-Rock Karaoke 2004

Last year, I wrote an entry about karaoke songs on Usenet, focusing on the oddball subgenre of indie and alt-rock karaoke. Well, a year later, not much has changed… Here are some of the recent hipster hits found in alt.binaries.sounds.karaoke:









Which raises the question, is there a big overlap between karaoke fans and indie-rock fans? I can understand requesting Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” at a karaoke bar, but Franz Ferdinand?


    Love it – grooving to ‘Maps’ right now. Would never ever try to actually sing the damn thing, but am having fun imagining it being butchered by others.

    Last time I went to a karaoke place, our guides spent the evening performing the most offensive hip-hop tunes they could dig up. it’s hilarious!

    Why are you so into posting this kind of shit? Waxy is really more like a direct download warez blog these days.

    1. Find cool usenet warez

    2. Find convenient cultural tie-in (copyright and the mpaa, olympic games etc.) to distract from that fact you’re posting copyrighted material


    3. New waxy entry!

    You forgot Step 4: “Profit!”

    But seriously, I’ve been interested in the grey areas of copyright for a long time. This really isn’t a new thing… Go back through my archives, and you’ll see that I was talking about Usenet and reposting media found in the newsgroups within a couple months of starting my weblog. The only thing that stopped me before was a lack of bandwidth, which isn’t a problem anymore.

    Besides, I’ve never posted anything even remotely close to warez! When I post audio or video, it’s almost exclusively something that is difficult to find and/or commercial unavailable. (The Grey Album, Heat Vision and Jack, rare Disneyland audio, and so on.)

    Thanks for the mp3s. I’m working on Karaoke Revolution for the Xbox, (fingers crossed we go gold tomorrow!) and it would be nice to sing some hipster hits for a change! 🙂

    “Begs the question” is NOT the same as ‘asks (or brings up) the question’. “Begs the question” is a specific logical error. Please be careful with choice of phrases if they are not well understood.

    Thank you, grammar police! Your anal-retentive attention to detail, though unrequested and off-topic, has been duly noted. How about e-mailing me next time?

    I’ve been to a few hipster karaoke bars and sometimes the hipsters need to take a break from playing the most ironic song they can find in the mix (Bon Jovi, MC Hammer) and sing songs they can honestly like.

    I make my living running karaokes and singing in a rock covers band. I wanted to sing rock songs for years, butnever foud a band to join.

    Because of this I started a Rock Karaoke night at my local Rock venue. A year and a half later,it is still going strong, and even expande to two different cities.

    It’s just a chance to sing some of your favourite songs, without being looked at weirdly by all the Celine Dion and Neil Diamond fans at other karaoke bars.

    Please does some kind soul know where I can download free some Karaoke songs in cdg format or similar.

    If so, please can you email ian at [email protected]

    Yours with thanks


    I host a weekly karaoke night in Athens, GA that is nothing but Indie Rock. I have over 1,000 songs from such bands as Weezer, Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Le Tigre and many many more (for a more complete list of bands, visit my url). I’m heading out west this June; if you want me to visit your town give a holler. It’s the best karaoke experience you’ll ever have.

    I sooo want to go to a Karaoke where they have Franz Ferdinand.. I woulda prefer Darts of Pleasure or Michael, but Matinnee is good enough :p

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