House of Cosbys, Mirrored

So, I moved to Palo Alto and finally started at Yahoo last week. (Summary: Fascinating place to work, brilliant people, kooky corporate culture, boatloads of potential.) Things are finally starting to settle down, which means the dry spell on Waxy will be ending very soon.

In the meantime, I’ve been meaning to post this for the last couple weeks… The House of Cosbys, which I wrote about recently, was finally taken offline by Bill Cosby’s lawyers. In its place, the videos have been replaced with this message. The original videos are now very difficult (if impossible) to find online.

I’ve decided to archive them on Waxy for as long as I possibly can. They deserve to be seen, so watch them, mirror them, torrent them, and don’t let them disappear again. March 14, 2006: See below for news!

House of Cosbys: Episode 01 HD from Justin Roiland on Vimeo.

House of Cosbys #1 – High Quality Quicktime

House of Cosbys #2

House of Cosbys #3

House of Cosbys #4

House of Cosbys #5 (warning: offensive content; unofficial, fan-made response to cease-and-desist)

Listen Up, Theo (House of Cosbys music video, not safe for work)

Curiosity Cosby Blooper Reel

If you have any other House of Cosbys-related videos, please e-mail me. Feel free to post links to mirrors in the comments.

November 13: CommonFlix is hosting BitTorrent downloads of each video. Also, thanks to Alex for the music video!

November 16: Thanks again to Alex, I think I have the complete collection online for posterity.

January 22, 2006: Temporarily redirecting to the Google Video mirrors to alleviate some bandwidth limitations.

March 14, 2006: I got cease-and-desisted for mirroring these videos. Please use a mirror below to watch or download them and stay tuned to the main posting for news and updates.

* Google Video

* YouTube


* CommonFlix (BitTorrent, formatted for iPod)

* (thanks, Greg!)

* Watching Paint Dry (thanks, Alek!)

* (thanks, Michael!)

* (thanks, Robert!)

* I’m Just Sayin’ (thanks, Krup!)

* (thanks, David!)


    I’m hoping somebody got the music video and the Curiosity Cosby Outtakes as well… went back to download those the other day and was greatly disappointed.

    In actuality, I saw one episode. It became apparent that after 2 minutes of watching, what the rest of it would be like. After that, it became monotonous, tedious, mundane, all of the above. One hit wonder, 15 minutes of fame, I think I will stay away from this. I don’t know why the real Bill Cosby would take offense at any of this, it’s a joke itself, he should be laughing at it’s pathetic attempt of mockery.

    I don’t think any of you are really old enough to know the battles that he fought for blacks in the 50s, 60s & 70s, and then some. No wonder he has a bunch of lawyers! Drop the west coast shit, and think about what goes on in the rest of the country then you will understand why folks do what they do. You are on the right track to be inline, so whach out!

    justtosay, don’t kid yourself here, just because he is a self-righteous black man standing up for hundreds upon thousands of his fellow folk for the greater good doesn’t mean he is 100% morally just himself. I reckon those high priced lawyers of his are for other purposes too, like getting high profile sexual allegation cases of groping tossed out. Not bashing Cosby the actor in anyway/shape/form here (love him, always will), but there’s always alternate realities in play.

    P.S. justtosay, not to get too deeply involved in the heart of the matter, but you must realize that Cosby as a fighter for blacks is a fallacy in itself. Slavery/indenture/servitude was created by the colonizer way back during the original diaspora. As we all should know, this was a cruel and racially based act against blacks (and even East Indians).

    During the second diasporic transition into America, the black man/woman dreamed of freedom from indentureship and eventually aspired to become successful in America. This is where the fallacy occurs: anytime you aspire to become something that is seen through the eyes of the oppressor (the colonizer) as ideal, you aspire to become like them and henceforth you obey what they have set out to originally do: exploit you for your services in their capitalist regime. Cosby and his success is a mark of that. I would much more follow Rosa Parks as a model of fighting a truer battle.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ But I digress!

    Thank you so much for having these.

    I also wanted to say that this show had nothing to do with Bill Cosby’s beliefs, life, or moral battles, it’s just a joke about a pop culture figure who talks funny. Nobody is talking about civil rights, we just want to see silly things happening to a man who is in out collective pop culture consciousness, he could have been tom hanks instead for all anyone cares.

    Jess Fink,

    I was commenting on justtosay’s ‘civil rights’ message, in case you’ve overlooked it. Myself I don’t think this comedic attempt at Cosbyism has anything to do with it either.

    Thanks for putting up the Cosby episodes. I never got to see 4,5 or either special content video.

    thank you, thank you, thank you! these are so friggin’ funny! makes me wish i were more productive with my free time…

    i [heart] the internet!

    I was just looking for these last week and had to watch them in a flash player on I had never seen anything other than the original 4. Thanks a ton Andy!

    Why did bill cosby have to go and turn into such a complete sack of self importance. this is totally parody and i’m quite certain would be protected as such.

    now if you’ll excuse me i have to go let a whole load of cosbys out of my greasy asshole.

    OMG! I’ve just discovered HoC. I’ve enjoyed the first 4 episodes and really

    want to know how the story was going to resolve. Are scripts or storyboards available for the

    unfinished episodes? Or even just a plot outline?

    listen up theo, you see, mister cosby has been a selfish man this year, and this christmas, santa will bring the whole world another installment of the house of cosby’s. so get ready to explore around the christmas tree for cosby number one hundred and ten, ___ _____ ___ __ _________ cosby! you see.

    Thats gay that bill cosbys lawyers took it ofline that is prolly the funny shit i have ever seen and i would have no problem watching more episodes with the censorship like on the begging of episode #5 cause that show makes me laugh like no other

    Cosby’s lawyers probably took it down without even mentioning it to him. That’s why he has them – so he can just sit back and tell black people to pull their pants up once in a while.

    When will they learn… trying to take something off The Net is like grabbing a big hand-full of Jell-O Pudding, the tighter you squeeze, the more places it goes, and the less you have for yourself.

    I’d have never heard of this, were it not for the lawyers. Perhaps that’s how they justify their own price tags, “Imagine what would have happened if we didn’t shut it down!” My imagination says that would have went on to be like the second season of Crusade, something many people would have liked to have seen, but not something that made it to the light of day.

    I’m going to pee and poop in my pants you see, if I can’ that..toilet, you see. I’m dancing Cosby!

    You’re awesome man… great post. Do you know how many episodes were made before the ban?

    Watched the first one and I thought it was hilarious. Now I have the guys in the office watching it too. Keep up the good work Andy.

    theo,i once thought bill c. was all about comedy and making folks laugh.maybe the cos is just old now,and sick of hearing from all the college chicks he knocked up at u. mass. so many years ago.i’m cosby #69,”paternity suit cosby”you see.any who rudy, nice work!!

    I love house of Cosbys. I find it hard to believe that B.C. would have much of a case in court but it sucks that there is not enough money to fight it. Fuck the asshole lawyers who thought it prudent to try and eliminate this funny cartoon which obviously does nothing to harm B.C. But apparently B.C. has been decided to be an asshole since the unfortunate death of his son. Remember what humor was B.C., remember hello my friend. Is this what you really want people to remember you as? A comedian who couldn’t even see the humor in himself? What happened?

    Well “you see”, These have to be the best funny cartoons I have ever seen. I just keep watching them over and over. I Really hope that some day there will be a house of cosby’s 6,7,8,9,…

    “You see” because it so damn funny “Theo” Excelent episodes. I can’t understand the facts about the lawer’s and Bill. The shows are making people laugh, not hurting anyone. There is alot worse things in this world then a funny cartoon involved with Bill’s name and sayings.

    I would also never heard of this were it not for the lawyers! Great job guys!

    n we ALL know how to “immortalise” these, don’t we? By creating the torrents/sharing it on P2P programs/etc… ๐Ÿ˜€

    I say, fuck em.

    Some real giggles here, and IMO you got a right to say whatever the fuck you want about people in the public view.

    Personally I like Mr Cosby, being a good person, charming, and with good morals and all..

    Still if he doesnt like it, fuck him. He chose to be famous, deal with it.

    This is parody and it is satire and I LOVE it, it is funny as hell. UNfortunately, you are infringing on copyrighted material owned by Mr. Cosby.

    Mr. Cosby created a cartoon of himself, his neighborhood, and his childhood friends, which he then licensed and registered as his own intellectual property.

    As an American you must honor that copyrighted licensing, or he can hold you accountable for the damages and emotional anguish he has incurred.

    If you want to create a parody of Bruce Willis, or Madonna, or Jay Leno go ahead. This is a free country. But don’t make a cartoon parody of a cartoon parody without expecting to pay the price…

    Did you even watch the video? First off, House of Cosbys has nothing to do with Fat Albert. Second, even if it did, an animated parody of another animated work is also covered under fair use. South Park parodied Fat Albert directly. See the video in this thread.

    Also, to the few haters in this thread, why do you bother commenting at all? If you don’t think it’s funny, just move on. It’s not for you.

    I work with copyright some and you are absolutely within your rights to host this. You’re just small enough so they think they can bully you without consequence. They’d never try this with Fox or someone who could make them look bad nationally.

    I’m downloading it now and will send copies to my sons in Iraq and Kuwait. Hope they make copies for all their units.

    U.S. vs. Larry Flint: Parody of public figures is protected under the First Amendment. Cosby is lucky people don’t focus on his personal life, which is rumored to be full of hookers and adultery. A real family guy…

    I watch the first episode and that was enough. They aren’t funny, they are just dumb.

    Well, I took a look at these get-em-while-they’re-hot videos. Not funny in the least except to a total fuckin’ moron.

    I hope they sue your ass for being dumb enough to think this shit was hilarious. People like you are why Hollywood is making mainly witless comedies.

    I think the guys Joe Tom and Dave from the 3 Previous posts are the same person. I think it is Bill Cosby doing top secret re-con work by appearing on your message board as three different people and posting bad things about your cartoon. Shame on you Bill you need to learn to laugh at yourself. I would be honored if someone made a pardody of me, but I am just some boring crossdressing-alcoholic-adultswim watching-catholic priest. nothing to make fun of in my life.

    Interestingly, despite his carefully crafted avuncular image, if you ask anyone who has worked with Cosby, he is a notorious shit-head — arrogant and mean-spirited. Good luck. (And be careful.)

    I can’t believe how fast this discussion degenerates into a debate about whether COSBYS is funny or not. Here’s something I didn’t say originally, but it’s true: You cannot argue about funny. You either laugh or you don’t.

    I laughed, but I think all bad Cosby impressions are funny by definition, so for me it’s comedy gold.

    Although I agree it’s wrong for Cosby to try and squash COSBYS, if I were him I’d do the same thing. And I’m not even rich enough to be accustomed to getting anything I want like he is.

    Amusing video.. somewhat disturbing but.. oh well. Anyways from a legal standpoint, BC’s cronies clearly need to stand down.

    I will do all most ANYTHING to see the REAL 5th episode of the house of cosbys.


    Fantastic, i bet adultswim would be able to make this shit work for at least a 6 episode run. very inventive and more original than the first flavor of gum.

    Thank you!

    I have them saved so evil lawyers can never take them away!!

    I mean really, a comedian with no sense of humor…hmph!

    yo homeboy everything is good here except one thing…

    How do I download them so that in the event that they shut you down we the people can still have access and distribute?

    you know what I mean. peace and love.

    for IE: right click on the link, select ‘save target as’ and save it to your desktop (or wherever).

    for FF: right click on the link, select ‘save link as’ and save it to your desktop (or wherever)

    I would like to send a correspondence to Mr. Cosby. Please forward me the address. Thank you much for your assistance.

    you know what, these comics are ok but no classics. I would never have found them if it wasn’t for the attention it got from the cease-and-desist letter. Some people really should get a grip on how to deal with things like this and not just directly start the moronic reaction of calling their lawyer. If you’re parodized, it’s cool, because apparently people still think about you. Laugh about it, sleep, forget about it. Just look at Chuck Norris, he wouldn’t call his lawyer, he would just roundhouse kick the site off the internet.

    An online parody is the new form of a roast. Whether it’s Norris or Cosby, it signifies what they already know, that they’re cultural icons well beyond the “pop” fads. To be an icon is to be parodied, usually in a way that is the opposite of the image they betray, or in the image they betray taken to the extreme. Cosby has a manicured public image of the clean cut family guy, so this is the opposite as well as the extreme, Theo, ya see!

    Funny if you are into South Park (and I am). Completely out of touch if you try to bully websites over it.

    you seee andyyyyyyyyyyyyy, i like what you have done with the site you see, maybe i can take a look around rudyyyyy!

    lol I just found out about this. It’s such a shame that it’s illegal to make more. I can’t see what’s wrong about them. I mean the guy is made fun on The Simposons, Family Guy, South Park, etc. So what’s wrong with this?

    Cosby is a public figure. As such, you ARE allowed to use representations of him, I.E. animations, voice charactarizations, name, etc. under the heading of FAIR USE. He doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on.

    I highly doubt these are illegal. I’m a caricature artist. This falls under “parody”.

    A cease-and-desist order is lawyer talk for “All bark and no bite”. It is expensive to get a lwayer, but in a lot of these cases, people represent themselves- and usually win. Judges are very reluctant to outlaw parody.

    SWEET!! I can’t believe people are still into “the House of Cosby’s” It been over a year and it’s still clamoring attention. Hopefully Adultswim will talk to the creators. If 12 oz. mouse and perfect hair can make it, House of Cosby’s definitely desreves it. BTW did anyone ever catch Justin Roiland’s interview on AOTS or Screensavers when they started the show? Roiland was so wacked out it in a way that made sense why curiosity Cosby is the way he is. heh

    Meh…HOC was average at best. Definitely a few big chuckles in there (except for ep.5), but it’s not like it’s on par with Lonley Island/Chappelle’s Show level or anything. As for the lawyers, they’re just doing their job…The Cos probably didn’t even know about the episodes (he has bigger problems to deal with…lol).

    I think that JR had a right to make theese shows, but there’s no way a show like this could exsist on [adultswim] or any other venue without Cosby’s blessing (not likley since “Fatherhood” is still on the air).

    my god these videos saved me from my Christmas nightmare

    can’t you make more …..or just get rid of bill cos by

    someone should send some of these to adult swim

    but im just a 14 year old so what do i know

    its obvious what we must do

    1 get rid of cosby

    2 show this to the public

    3 party all night

    4 find the people who made this and get their

    asses back on to making more

    5 find out who is the father of cosby 60’s baby

    look at what year it is now, and im still laughin when i watch the house of cosbys episodes 1-4. part 5 sucks ass because the person who made them isnt the original creator. i really hope that someday the show comes back because i wanted to find out what happens next. what will mitchell and the cosby clones do about evil cosby? is mitchell cosbyettes babys daddy? i bet if cosby would take time out of his day to understand that this show is harmless parody there wouldnt be a case and the show could go on. but he’d rather bother dudes to pull their pants up and make fun of rap music.

    Everyone out there that has seen House of Cosbys, It is now June 2008 and there are fans that still love the episodes. There are over 100 kids alone in my school that wish to see more of the House Of Cosbys and everyone is willing to fight for more episodes. Lets get more episodes!

    How come House of Cosbys got taken off the air but crude shows like South Park and Howard Stern Still play. This is some class A Bull.

    I don’t care what any naysayers say, house of cosbys is the funniest concept for an animated show I have ever seen. I don’t see any reason (including the obvious Bill Cosby hurdle) this can’t be a huge series. It’s kind of on-par with another short-lived (but deserved a much longer run) animated program, Clerks, in terms of hilarity. I am just tired of all these good shows being axed, while trashy shows manage to make the cut somehow. It makes me wish I could do a cartoon of my own (that quite possibly would include at least 1 Cosby-esque character in it) however my art skills are only slightly better than the stick figure guy (who apparently is a South Park-style rendition of Cosby) in the unofficial episode 5 & I don’t honestly know shit about how to animate, other than that it takes a lot of scenes to make the smallest amount of movement. Sorry if I sound like I’m rambling but I had to share how big of a fan I am of House of Cosbys. Please Mr. Roiland, will you find a way to bring back this awesome show? It’s as funny as pretty much any adult swim or comedy central cartoon, if not funnier, due to its in-your-face not-afraid-to-go-there style of comedy. It would be great if this can come back and perhaps even make parodies of other shows like how Family Guy does. Good day to you.

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