Congrats! We’re very happy for you. Can’t wait to meet our new nephew/cousin (or in the words of the girls, our new “smoochy-boo”).

    Adorable. I love the name Eliot… you only spelled it with one ‘t’ and one ‘l’? Also, swaddling blanket thingies kind of look like straightjackets for month-olds.

    And he already has his own blog – no question who the father is! Let me be the 50th to say congratulations, Andy!


    If you like Dr. Karp, make sure you get his DVD. It REALLY helps with some of the techniques.

    Congratulations! We just became parents ourselves a few months ago. The joy you already feel expands into whole new dimensions of joy as your baby develops his skills and his ability to express his individual personality day by day. Three and a half months from where you are, I’ve got a laughing, kicking, wide-eyed charmer. His toothless grin is my sunshine. More precious moments than a James Taylor tour.

    That poop/joy ingredients ratio you’ve listed will hold up until solid foods are introduced. πŸ™‚


    ‘grats! Though a child is entirely impractical at the moment, moments like these can make a boy wistful. Best of luck

    Congratulations Andy,

    and you can be sure – its’ getting easier after the second one. πŸ˜‰

    Great looking guy you both made there – and already so hairy – wonderful. πŸ™‚


    …Particularly on the proper spelling of his first name (same as mine).


    Congratulations, and from one June 9ther to another…welcome to the world…it’s a strange and amazing place to be.

    Definitely the most beautiful link ever posted at (No offense to Ghyslain. πŸ˜‰ ) πŸ™‚

    Congratulations to you both. He’s perfect. πŸ™‚

    Congratulations. We just found out we’re having a boy and I’ve heard they’re easier to raise. Now to practice my swaddling skills.

    WOW! His little feet look just like mine!

    He’ll probably grow out of that, though.

    I wish I hadn’t eaten lunch prior to reading your link to baby poo, however… Ooph.

    Many congratulations to you all! Welcome to our world Eliot. Welcome to the world of parenting Andy (and Mrs. Waxy). Just pre-order HL2 for him on Amazon – that way it’ll ship automatically and he won’t have to spend his childhood wondering when it will come.

    Congratulations, you guys!

    It really is wonderful. Zoe will be available for babysitting in about 13 years, if you need someone…

    big w00t for you guys! It seems like only yesterday when you posted the ultrasound video and announced your expectation to the interweb!


    Now that you had your baby, you must FEEL GREAT! Oooh, yeah!

    Babies everywhere!

    (brought to you by Nutri-Grain)

    Ooooh he’s a cutie! Many Congrats to you and Mrs Waxy. It’s the beginning of a great adventure. I now fully expect future posts to become increasingly concise! ps and did I notice a SBSP/Plankton reference in the analysis of the content of the new waxette?

    What a bonnie wee laddie! How little his toes are, and how cute he is! Best regards


    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Nice work, Andy! I’ve got a 7-month-old little girl myself. See, us bloggers aren’t all-work no play!

    Looks great, enjoy the first few months while he sleeps alot. Then they’re awake more, and demand your attention. Mine are 2 & 4 now and are more than a full time job (one was just in the hospital overnight so I got to do my work from a laptop, while sitting in a hospital pull out chair).

    Enjoy, you’re life as you knew it is over. Welcome to your new life.

    Nearly one year to the day after the birth of my boy (June 8 03). It’s a wonderful time. Although I question your poop ratio, surely it’s higher than .02%?

    A bewilderingly belated congratulations to all three of you, it has been one crazy summer, and it’s particularly heartening to see such good things still happen. Take care.

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